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Bay Area Cajun and Zydeco Dance Instructors
Take some lessons have a good time and laugh a lot!!!!

Here is a list of most of the dance instructors giving lessons in Cajun and Zydeco dancing in the SF Bay Area.

If you have been left out of this list drop us a mail and we will fix you up with an account.

We have mutilated the email addresses by replacing the @ with _AT_ to prevent spammers from getting them.

Simply change the word _AT_ to @ and the email address will work.

  • Diana Castillo
  • 510-549-3591
  • Cajun, Zydeco, Lindy, Swing and Jitterbug
  • Email:
  • Check out her website at
  • Dana DeSimone
  • 415-285-6285
  • Cajun, Zydeco,Clogging, Salsa & Cumbia.
  • Email:
  • Check out his website at
  • Erin Brandt
  • 650-520-1373
  • Zydeco, Cuban Salsa, Bachata, Waltz, East Coast, Lindy, Jitterbug and micro-blues
  • Email:
  • Linda Francis
  • 650-968-9860
  • Beginning Zydeco
  • Email:
  • Helen Lancaster
  • 831-465-1947
  • Cajun
  • Email:
  • Cheryl McBride:
  • 510-230-4555
  • Cajun/Zydeco,Jitterbug, Lindy, Salsa, Tango
  • Email:
Taking a few lessons will greatly increase the amount of fun you have dancing and you will get to meet a whole group of nice folks to dance with!!!
Posted By diana on 2007-02-11 21:17:17

Lisa Lee's Basic Zydeco
Join Lisa for her Basic Zydeco dance class at the Beat!

Lisa Lees' ongoing Basic Zydeco Class is a great way to get into dancing.

Lisa is a great dancer and a wonderful instructor :) 

Her next class series is starting on Tuesday July 7th. 

Classes are held at the Beat, 2560 9th St. in Berkeley...

Lisa breaks the basics down, is a patient teacher and knows her stuff.

The class starts at 8:15 and goes till 10:00pm.

Any questions? Call Dana at (415) 285-6285.


Posted By clark on 2009-04-07 12:27:24

Zydeco/Cajun Dance Classes
Intermediate Level at The Beat in Berkeley
This is Dana and Lisa's Intermediate Level class that builds on the Basic Class Series that's held on Tuesday nights, also at the Beat.

Knowledge of the Basic Two-Step, Waltzing, and some Partner Technique is required and taking the Basic class is very highly recommended as the Wednesday goes quite a bit faster..

This class also involves much more intricate footwork, turns, leads and follows..

It's held at the Beat, 2560 9th St. In Berkeley..Time is 8:15-10 and cost is $45 bucks for the 4 week series..

Any questions, call Dana at (415) 285-6285 or check out his website at


Dana D.
Posted By danadesimone on 2007-03-05 01:55:20

Bay Area Cajun and Zydeco Dance Instructors
   by diana

Lisa Lee's Basic Zydeco
   by clark

Zydeco/Cajun Dance Classes
   by danadesimone

Diana Castillo's Dance Site
Information on dance classes and venues in the SF Bay area.
  Posted by: cooksey
Dana Desimone's Dance Site
Dana has an ongoing series of lessons in Berkeley and Alameda.
  Posted by: cooksey
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